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Fair Trade and Innovative Toys and Comforters for Babies and Children

We have collected together some popular toys and comforters ideally suited for gifts for babies and children. The wooden toys we have below are fairly traded and make lovely, stimulating and lasting presents for any child. If you like these toys but would like to see a larger range please visit our 'sister site' Toykind. All items are in stock at Toykind and are ready for next day despatch.

Fair Trade Wooden puzzles

Fair Trade Wooden mobiles

Fair Trade Wooden pull-along toys

Fair Trade Ethnic Dolls

Label-Label - clever toy/comforter for young babies

Cuskiboo® - organic comforter for babies and toddlers

Fair trade wooden puzzles

A selection of rubberwood puzzles suitable for young children.

These beautifully crafted puzzles are made from rubberwood. They are brightly coloured and easy for small hands to manipulate. Once assembled they make an attractive model to display in baby's room or can be stored and played with time and time again. Comes in a drawstring calico bag. Make a lovely gift for babies. prices include VAT. (Please note, these items will be despatched directly from Toykind and will arrive separately from the rest of your order. You will not pay additional postage however.)

Fair trade mobiles

These attractive mobiles will look delightful in baby's bedroom and give hours of fascination as your baby learns to differentiate between the animals and learns their name - well maybe not the dinosaur names until a little later! They are made of MDF and the width at the top is 280mm. (Please note, these items will be despatched directly from Toykind and will arrive separately from the rest of your order. You will not pay additional postage however)

Fair trade pull-along toys

These beautiful pull-along toys are fairly traded and ethically produced. They contain no plastic, no toxins, no paint and no chemicals. There is nothing used but sustainable hale and rubber woods, shellac and vegetable dyes all tested to EU safety standards.

Duby & Duba

Children will love the paddling movement of the two ducks. Length 170mm, width 130mm, height 60mm. Suitable for children of 2 years old and above


Turtle Family (mama, baby and papa) with shells that rotate when pulled along. Length 320mm, width 60mm, height 70mm. Suitable for children of 2 years old and above

Fair trade ethnic dolls

These fair trade ethnic dolls are beautifully crafted. They have removeable clothes and are fully washable. They are hand made from loom cotton and filled with polyester fibre and are suitable for children of all ages. They come indivually and make a great gift on their own or as a set. Height: 220mm


A baby toy/comforter with lots of labels!

Why is it that when you give a baby a gift the bit he likes best (after the wrapping paper of course) is the label? Babies love to fiddle with, feel and examine labels in detail. This soft terry baby toy is covered with lots of different, colourful and exciting labels for baby to investigate and will keeping baby occupied and relaxed in a multitude of situations, such as during nappy changing, waiting for dinner to cool down etc! I actually contemplated making one of these for our babies but never got round to it - I wish it had been available when we needed it! Makes a lovely gift for a newborn or baby up to 18 months. Also now available in a bird shape design in blue, green or pink, and a farm theme with cats and tractors to feel!


A luxurious baby comforter made from bamboo

Cuski® is the anglicised form of the Welsh 'Cysgu', meaning to sleep, and was created to bring comfort to babies and toddlers all over the world. The Cuskiboo is made to the same well-loved design as the Cuski, but is made from bamboo yarn, which is organically grown and sustainable. Bamboo Cuskis are very absorbent (like the original Cuski®), antibacterial, eco-friendly, bio-degradable, beautifully soft and naturally loveable and make a wonderful gift for a baby (and their parents!).

Cuskiboo® is a calming, safe and a healthy alternative to other infant comforters. Cuskiboo® has been fully tested and conforms to all relevant UK, European & International safety standards.

It is machine washable and retains its comforting softness, wash after wash. Suitable from birth, Cuskiboo® has all the qualities a child responds to in a comforter: softness, suckability, sheer lovability and of a course a label to twiddle, but unlike a traditional blanket it can be easily replaced if lost or damaged.

Interestingly midwives found that Cuskiboo's absorbency hold the scent of mother and baby and this can help bonding between mother and baby. Cuskiboo can take the mother's scent to comfort baby and also carry baby's scent for the mother which may help with expressing milk when away from baby. Research has shown that babies with comforters can be happier and more secure as they progress through developmental milestones. Babies at about nine months old often become very clingy to mum as they realise they are individuals, separate from their mother. A comforter or transitional object may help with this transition. Click to read what one parent said about Cuski.

Available in the light creamy unisex colour of natural bamboo in attractive packaging.

Here's what one parent said about Cuski:

"Everyone had bought me all sorts of comforters when my little one was born. They were all furry , had rattles or not machine washable. She would chew them and the hairs of the fabric went in her mouth. I bought Cuski, looking for a replacement comforter, I have not gone back. She does not sleep without her Cuski!

- She chews it – the hairs of the fabric DO NOT come out.

- Machine washable – so all the dirt and germs can be removed.

- Breathable material – my baby shoves it in her face to sleep with, I feel safe because of the way it has been designed. It is not a square piece of cloth, its arms and legs and head ensures baby doesn’t get trapped or suffocated. Overall it is by far the best cute comforter available!"

Ms. Syeda Rizvi

Suggestions for use: Keep Cuskiboo® close to you, either inside your clothing or next to you in bed for a few days; it will absorb all those comforting mummy/daddy scents, then introduce to baby to create a naturally safe comforting environment. Cuskiboo® helps to soothe and reassure your baby whilst giving you some well deserved mummy/daddy time!

*Do not leave your baby unattended with toys.