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Tots Bots

A very popular British nappy brand which has stood the test of time!

Tots Bots products have evolved over the years and today they manufacture a great range of real nappies and associated products, including the all in one nappies, the Easyfit and Teenyfit, and the two-part system, Bamboozles Stretch and the Flexi Wrap. We have them in stock at the best prices around and a price match guarantee!

Tots Bots began in a Glasgow flat back in 2001, when a couple wanted to reduce the waste and cost associated with having their second child. They designed their original Tots Bots cotton nappies and over the years these have been updated and refined to give the Tots Bots range so popular today. We think back nostalgically to our little ones in their original fluffy white cotton tots bots and the Rainbow Tots.

Through manufacturing in a factory in Glasgow, Tots Bots employ local people. Almost all of their nappies are made in the UK with occasional numbers of Bamboozles Stretch being made in Turkey when demand exceeds UK capacity. All materials used for making Tots Bots products are ethically sourced. Here's what Ethical Consumer had to say on the subject:

By identifying those companies such as Tots Bots who consider ethics throughout their entire operation, the Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label gives shoppers the confidence that they are making the best possible ethical and environmental choice. The label is the definitive endorsement for people who want to put principles at the top of their shopping list. – Rob Harrison – Ethical Consumer editor

Over the years Tots Bots have amassed a stack of consumer awards, including five Mother and Baby Gold Awards and Ethical Consumer Best Buy. Here is a brief overview of the Tots Bots nappy range, with links to give you more information.

The Easyfit

The Easyfit from Tots Bots is an all in one nappy, suitable for use in just about any situation, for day, night (with boosters), at home and particularly useful for quick changes when out and about. As an all in one nappy the Tots bots Easyfit is just one piece to put on like a disposable: the absorbent part and waterproof cover are attached. It is quick and easy to put on, even for those who have never seen a cloth nappy before. It is slim fitting and fast drying. You can use a stay-dry liner to keep baby comfy. Use boosters in the nappy for heavy wetters or for night time. One size fits most, from 8-35lb. Can be purchased individually, or in packs or kits.

The Tots Bots Teenyfit

The Teenyfit is basically a small version of the Easyfit. It is an all in one nappy that is ideal for those extra special teeny arrivals, such as twins or babies that arrive early. It gives a perfect fit for babies from 5-12lb.

The Bamboozle Stretch

Tots Bots' Bamboozle Stretch is the absorbent part of the Tots Bots two part nappy system. Together with the Flexi Wrap (below) it gives an extremely reliable nappy system. The Bamboozle Stretch is first fitted onto baby, with a stay dry liner, and followed by the waterproof outer cover, giving two barriers against leaks. Ideal for heavier wetters or for overnight. The Bamboozle Stretch takes a little longer to dry than some nappies, due to it's highly absorbent nature but it's reliability makes it worth it. The size 2 Bamboozles Stretch fits most babies from birth to potty training, 9-35lb through a simple popper system at the front of the nappy that allows you to fold it down for smaller babies. For littler babies such as twins or early arrivals choose the size 1 (6-18lb). Can be purchased individually, or in packs or kits.

The Flexi Wrap

Tots Bots Flexi Wrap: A stretchy lightweight waterproof wrap made from soft knitted polyester with a whisper thin PUL membrane gives a snug and comfortable fit for your Tots Bots Baby! Ideally suited for use of the Bamboozle Stretch. It comes in four sizes (size 0-3), but most babies will only need sizes 1 and 2 from birth to potty training. Size 0 wraps are great for little babies, and size 3 great for bigger toddlers, especially as babies usually toilet train at night later than in the day time, and use a night time nappy for longer. One wrap for every 5 nappies is usually about the right ratio.

Tots Bots also supply the full range of accessories related to using cloth nappies, including boosters (to boost up nappy absorbency), fleece liners (to keep baby dry), flushable spunlace liners (to make nappy cleaning easier), tote bags (for transporting and storing wet nappies), Potion nappy wash (eco-friendly detergent specially formulated for nappies), lockable nappy buckets (for storing cloth nappies). You can also purchase and accessory kit.

Suggested Tots Bots kits

For those that will relish the ease and convenience of a one-part system, or who will rely on others for childcare at times, we suggest a kit mainly made up of Easyfits, with some Bamboozle Stretch and a Flexi Wrap for long journeys and night time when more absorbency is required. For example:

A popular Tots Bots Baby Starter kit would be:

  • 15 x Easyfit nappies
  • 5 Bamboozle Stretch
  • 5 Boosters
  • 1 Flexi wrap
  • 20 stay-dry liners