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Swim Nappies

* Imse Vimse swim nappies

* Imse Vimse Tankini Tops (swimsuit tops for girls)

* Motherease swim nappies

Swim nappies by Imse Vimse

Very comfortable and reliable swim nappy

The award winning Imse Vimse swim nappy offers a modern solution for baby swim wear. Perfect for use at the beach or in the swimming pool to contain any little accidents! These swim nappies are made from swimming costume fabric on the outside with a layer of soft, stretchy leakproof fabric on the inside.

The elastic around the waist and legs is exceptionally smooth and gentle to ensure a snug but comfortable fit and allowing you baby to move freely in the water without the risk of leaks.

Imse Vimse swim nappies are easy to pull on like pants, or put on lying down, and popper fastenings on one side make it easy to take off, even when wet or soiled.

Matching Tankini Tops are available for little girls (below) in most patterns (not pink or turquoise dots) to complete their Imse Vimse swimming costume. Available in a range of colourful swim suit patterns second to none in the following sizes:

Newborn 9-13lb (4-6Kg) 0-1 Month Old

Small 13-18lb (6-8Kg) 1-3 Months Old

Medium 15-22lb (7-10Kg) 3-6 Months Old

Large 20-26lb (9-12Kg) 6-15 Months Old

XL 24-31lb (11-14Kg) 15-24 Months Old

XXL 28-37lb (13Kg-17kg) 2-3 Years Old

Junior 35-44lb (16-20kg) 3-4 Years Old


Rinse the swim nappies thoroughly in chlorine-free water after use. Wash at 40°C (delicate wash programme)if necessary.

Tankini Tops by Imse Vimse

Imse Vimse Tankini Tops match with the Imse Vimse swim nappies to give a complete swimming costume for little girls. Made from the same stretchy swim suit fabric as the swim nappies, with soft binding around the edges to give comfort and freedom of movement. They are perfect for the beach or swimming pool and provide additional sun protection.

Available in a gorgeous range of patterns for girls in the following sizes:

Small/Medium 13-22lb (6-10Kg),3-6 months

Large 20-26lb (9-12Kg), 6-12 months

Toddler 24-31lb (11-14Kg) , 1-2 years

Junior 31-44lb (14-20Kg), 2-4 years


Rinse tankini tops thoroughly in chlorine-free water after use. Wash at 40°C (delicate wash programme)if necessary.

Motherease swim nappies

Comfortable, reliable swim nappy Made by Motherease, these swim nappies are perfect to contain any potentially embarrassing swimming pool accidents whilst you're in the pool!

They are made from a soft, stretchy swimsuit material, which allows water to escape, with gentle elasticised waist and leg cuffs. Inside there's a unique 'poo catcher' net to contain accidents. They are fastened with poppers at the wasit and legs, making it easy to take them off when your child is standing up or lying down.

The picture shows a close up of the inbuild "poo catcher" net of the Motherease swim nappy!


Sizing for Motherease swim nappy:

Small: 10lb - 18lb (4.5Kg - 8.2Kg)(from approx. 6 weeks - 6 months)

Medium: 18lb - 30lb (8.2Kg - 13.6Kg)(from approx. 5 months - 2 years)

Large: 30lb - 40lb (13.6Kg - 18.2Kg)(from approx 2 - 4 years)

(Important: fit depends on build. Sizes and ages are for rough guidance only. If your child's weight falls towards the end of a weight range we recommend you opt for the next size up swimwear.)

Available in Jade Green or Brazillian design (mid-blue with multicoloured wavy lines).

If your child is going to be exposed to the sun whilst on the beach or swimming we have a high sun protection factor organic sun lotion, ideal for protecting delicate skin. See Organic Children Sun Lotion