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quot;I'd like to give real nappies a go but don't know where to start!"

Easy to use and reliable nappies to introduce you to real nappies. Nappies and all necessary accessories can be purchased with 'one-click' to simplify things!

This kit was put together based on our experience of what works well for people wanting to have a go with cloth nappies for the first time. It is designed for those that want a very simple, easy to use and trim starting point. The kit contains what we consider to be leading examples of each of the two major types of nappy system. There is one "all-in-one/pocket nappy", which is just one piece to put on, and one "shaped two-part nappy" which comprises a nappy shaped to fit round baby and poppers into place and a separate waterproof cover.

The nappies come complete with all the accessories you might need to use them for daytime use. All you will need is a plastic bag in which to store them (a carrier bag will do for emergencies! or you can buy one especially - click here for our range). The kit comprises:

* 1 All-in-one nappy complete with booster

* 1 shaped two-part nappy with booster and wrap

* 1 roll of flushable biodegradable nappy liners (100 sheets)

* Free with each starter kit: 2 washable wipes and a sample pack of gentle soap pieces for making washable wipes solution (worth £2.50)

You can view the specific items included in each size of kit below. Your kit will arrive 'put together' to help you work out what's what! All items will need to be washed once before use (or they will not work properly) and nappies made from natural fibres will take around three washes before they are fully absorbent. Your kit will be sent with full instructions for use and care.


The natural option is chosen for the Sandy's nappies - this is a cream, natural cotton colour. Your airflow wrap will come in white and your all in one will be white. If these nappies are unavailable then we may substitute with another neutral/unisex colour.


To try the nappies properly they need to fit well. Please select the size that is appropriate for your baby at the time you are planning to use them. The kits are designed so that there will be room to grow in the nappies selected for each weight range. In other words, go for the kit that is about right for your baby now, do not buy the next size up as the nappies may be too large to give a good trial. However, babies vary in shape and we cannot guarantee that the items sent will be the best size for your baby. We therefore suggest that you try on all items for size before washing as washed items can be exchanged for a 70% refund value only.

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