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Shoo Shoo baby leather shoes

Shoo Shoos baby shoes give your child’s feet a great healthy start in life. They contain the softest natural eco-leathers that help your child's feet to grow naturally. Shoo Shoos have a soft flexible sole which helps provide better balance and non slip soles help promote safe walking and crawling. Easy to put on and off with gently elasticated ankles. Shoo Shoos do not constrict baby's foot, they will not fall off easily and they allow baby's feet to breathe and grow naturally. Shoo Shoos are brilliant for indoor and light outdoor use. They are hand washable in cold water.

Shoo Shoos Baby Shoes Sizing

Size Age Length UK shoe size
Small 0 - 6 months 10.5cm 0 - 2
Medium 6 - 12 months 12.2cm 2 - 3.5
Large 12 - 18 months 14.0cm 3 - 5
Extra Large 18 - 24 months 15.5cm 5 - 6.5