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Real Easy nappies

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Real Easy Cloth Nappies are a stay-dry, multi-sized all in one/pocket nappy hybrid. They are a cleverly designed quick drying nappy that really is easy! So easy you'll be able to sit back and just take it easy ... or spend more time having fun!

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Product Description


Real Easy Cloth nappies by HipHipBaby!

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Real Easy Nappies

Stay-dry, multi-sized all in one/pocket nappy hybrid.

What can we say - these nappies really are easy! So easy you'll be able to sit back and just take it easy ... or spend more time having fun! Perfect for housework-shy people amongst us!

This is one of the "new generation" all in ones, designed to be quick to dry without compromising on absorbency.

Through combining the best features of other nappy systems, Real Easy nappies achieve the convenience of the all in one, with the slimness, quick drying and customizability of the pocket nappy.

Real Easy Nappies open

Real Easies combine the latest fabric technology for top performance, with the natural benefits of organic cotton. They have a stretchy outer waterproof layer to keep wetness inside. This is either made from a soft polyester cloth, featuring brand new 'anti-wicking technology' (designed to prevent wetness from spreading around the edges of a wet nappy), or the cuddliest short pile minky fabric (also anti-wicking).

Real Easies have a fleece lining to keep baby comfortable and dry. These layers form a pocket with an opening at the back. Attached to the fleece inner is a microterry soaker pad (two layers thick) to quickly soak up wetness and wick it away from baby. Click to see a diagram of the Real Easy features.

Underneath the microterry layer is an absorbent pad made from thirsty, trim organic cotton fabric (three layers). This organic cotton soaker pad 'flaps out' of the back of the nappy, allowing efficient washing and quick drying, but remains attached for quick and easy assembly.

The result is effectively an all in one nappy which dries in the same time as a typical two part nappy, making it extremely easy to use and eco-friendly.

Fit of Real Easies

Real Easy Nappies leg fit

Real Easy nappies give generous coverage of the nappy area but they are not bulky under clothing. The absorbent pads are just between the legs but the generous cover prevents any unpleasant escapes! To fit the nappy ensure that the elastic-covered fleece at the legs is fitted snuggly into baby's body, where the leg meets the body. Click for more pictures of the fit of these nappies.

The Hip Hip Baby! unique leg casing system

Real Easy Nappies leg close

Real Easy Nappies are designed so that the outer waterproof layer does not come into contact with baby's skin. The soft fleece completely covers the elastic and there is no bulky seam, giving a lovely, gentle fit around the leg to ensure baby's comfort.

Around the leg the fleece contains the wetness, whilst allowing air to pass into the nappy, allowing the skin to breathe. Fleece does not draw up liquid and cause wicking at the leg and so, although intuitively you might think this design will leak, it doesn't!


Real Easy Nappies are available in a range of sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit, though many babies will only require sizes Small and Medium until potty training. There is good overlap between the sizes. To the right Aaron (18months, 50th centile for weight and height) is wearing a Medium in Soft Blue, and Alesha (3 years old, tall and slender for her age) is wearing a Large in Sunshine. Click on the image to enlarge it or on the link to see a picture of all sizes.

Extra-Small: 4 - 12lb (1.8 - 4.5Kg): Suitable for smaller newborns or premature babies

Small 7 - 18lb (3.2 - 8.2Kg): Most babies will go straight into a small size

Medium 15 - 32lb (6.8 - 14.5Kg): The size likely to get the most use

Large 30 - 45lb+ (13.6 - 20.5Kg+): Some babies will require a large size before potty training

Extra-Large 45lb+ (20.5Kg+): Suitable for older children later to potty train (aged 3-5+ years). Ideal for use as a night nappy or for heavy wetters as there is room in the pocket to add plenty of further absorbency as required.

Real Easy Nappies babies


Available with either a supersoft and stretchy polyester knit outer (PUL) in 5 colours: Sunshine, Soft Blue, Soft Green, Seaspray and White or with a soft short pile minky (which has a silky fur feel like a cuddly toy) in 4 solid colours: Sea Green, Bluebell, Plum Red, and Ice Cream; and 5 fabulous prints: Blue Spots, Pink Spots, Citrus Spots, Khaki Spots and Summer Flowers.

Summary information

An easy to use quick-drying nappy.

Advantages and disadvantages

of Real Easy Nappies over other all in one nappies: lightweight and quick drying - dries at the same speed as a standard two part nappy. Good adjustability and fit. Very gentle leg casings. Soft fleece inner that doesn't stain. Multisized, so you get the perfect fit but you will need to purchase several sizes as your baby grows. Comes complete with sewn in microterry pad and attached organic cotton insert for ease of use. A very reliable night nappy when used with a booster or pocket nappy insert, which can be put easily into the roomy pocket.

What else will I need?

No liners or waterproof wraps are needed with these nappies. The nappies are supplied with attached absorbent pads, but for very heavy wetters or night time you may need to purchase nappy inserts or boosters.

Hemp boosters or micro-terry boosters are ideal to provide extra absorbency if required, or super bamboo insert will also suit well.

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Wash at 40ºC (or up to 100ºC, though this should not be necessary!) and hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat setting. Drying tip: ensure you pull out the attached soaker to wash and dry and, to speed up drying even further, hang to dry inside-side-up, and even turn the pocket inside out to expose the microterry soaker after washing. Click to find out more information on caring for all in one nappies.

| Real Easy Nappies | Features | Sizes | Care |

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Realeasy
Condition New
Country of Manufacture Rest of World
Manufacturer HipHipBaby!
Country of Manufacture Turkey
Type of Nappy All in One nappy, Pocket nappy
Nappy Style Unisex
Sizing Sized
Fastening Poppers
Suitability Easy to use at Nursery etc, Night and day use
Product Fabric Fleece, Micro-terry, PUL
Quick drying? Standard


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