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Poco Baby Hammock Raw Cotton Zoom

Poco Baby Hammock Raw Cotton

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Poco Baby brings you a great quality product at a great price but more importantly the Poco Baby Hammock will give your new baby the best possible support and comfort. Once in the specially designed hammock, your baby will feel safe, snug and sleep peacefuly.

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Poco Baby

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Product Description


Includes : Frame with components, hammock, mattress, mattress cover, spring, spring cover, cross bar, travel bag, pack of 2 sheets with your 12 month guarentee

•Longer Sleep Duration •Swaddled environment •Helps alleviate Flathead Syndrome •Portable & adjustable •Replicates the movements babies felt within the womb •Great air ventilation •Suitable from Birth - 9 months (29lbs)

Colic & Reflux Aid

Babies with colic will be uncomfortable and distressed and unable to soothe themselves, it can be equally distressing for a parent listening to their baby crying knowing they are in such discomfort due to their colic. The Poco Baby Hammock is suspended from a spring which enables you to gently bounce baby which has a calming effect and can help to relieve trapped air bubbles from babies intestines, easing discomfort. Experts will tell you that babies with colic should be rocked back and forth and gently bounced , this is precisely what the Poco Hammock does. Reflux however is the flow of liquid in the wrong direction. Reflux in babies is more common in premature babies, but can occur in up to 20% of all babies. The Poco Baby Hammock really can help to pacify and soothe babies suffering with reflux, a semi upright position is an effective way of relieving the discomfort and reducing the symptoms of reflux , the Poco Baby Hammock keeps babies in this position whilst they sleep which makes a perfect sleeping environment for babies with reflux. The Poco Baby Hammock is tactile, snug and secure which can soothe even the most irritable of babies, in effect they will cry less which is vital for babies with reflux as crying will aggravate reflux. Although babies love the bouncing motion of the Poco Baby Hammock we DO NOT recommend you bounce babies if they have reflux, instead use a gentle swinging motion as you will find any bouncing motion may aggravate reflux, they will find the bouncing great fun when they have out grown the reflux.

Flat Head

Newborn babies are at risk of developing flat areas on their head, this is due to sleeping on a flat hard surface hence their weight is not being evenly distributed. Within the Poco Baby Hammock your baby will sleep in a slightly upright position distributing babies head weight more evenly to the rest of the body, reducing the effects of Flat Head.

Tests & Standards

The Poco Baby Hammock has been safety tested according to the BS EN1130 standard set for cribs and cradles. To ensure the safety test was done thoroughly and accurately we have had our Poco Hammock tested and certified in the UK . Be sure that whichever baby bed you decide to purchase they hold their own unique safety certification number for their product. Our Unique ID for Safety Certification: 1987816275PAM1 Is the Poco Hammock the same as Amby - No there are many hammock designs available in the market place today, although the frame itself is the same there have been several changes made to the shape and size of the hammock itself to improve on strength and saftey this was needed to ensure it is designed in accordance with the UK safety standard for cribs and cradles. In approximately two years there will be a standard set specifically for hammocks at which stage all hammocks will have to have a CE mark but until such time hammocks cannot receive a CE mark (beware of any that claim to have this mark)


Is the Poco Hammock the same as Amby No there have been several changes made to the shape and size of the hammock itself to improve on the saftey aspect and ensure it is designed in accordance with the UK saftey standard for cribs and cradles. In approximatly two years there will be a standard set specificly for hammocks at which stage all hammocks will have to have a CE mark but until such time hammocks cannot receive a CE mark How long will I be waiting for delivery of my order? Unless otherwise stated on our website delivery is within approx 3 days, you will recieve an email notification once your order has been dispatched. Can I machine wash my Poco Hammock? Yes, other than the foam mattress you can wash everything on a delicate cycle (30 degrees) and air dry (DO NOT TUMBLE DRY). I wish to travel with my Poco Hammock how much does it weigh? The Poco Hammock comes with its own handy travel bag and weighs 10.5kg, simply removing the crossbar from the spring collapes the frame. and you're ready to go. When should I start using my Poco Hammock? From birth until 9 months, some hammocks on the market will advise to use them until 12 months, the Poco Hammock can easily hold the weight of a 12 month old, however the Poco hammock has been tested in the UK and our testing laboratory recommends use up to 9 months. By 12 months, some babies may be strong enough to pull themselves out of a hammock. Saftey is our highest priority and we always follow the advice of our testing laboratory. Can I start to use the Poco Hammock if my baby is older? Yes, most babies up to the age of 4 months will settle very quickly in the Poco hammock, if they are older than this you may need to persevere, however it will be well worth it. Once baby has settled you will establish a good sleep pattern for both you and your baby.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Poco Baby
Condition New
Country of Manufacture UK
Manufacturer Poco Baby
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom


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