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Our nappy trial options

Because every baby and family have different requirements, we offer three ways to try our washable nappies.

  1. Moneyback trial option on your nappy choices
  2. Buy a ready made trial kit
  3. Hire a real nappy kit  We have an experienced advisor who can help you put together a kit to suit your needs and support through the trial period.

1. Moneyback real nappy trial

Buy a selection of nappies and/or wraps of your choice (one of each). If you don't find them suitable return them for a 70% refund. By taking advantage of this option you really have very little to lose by giving washable nappies a go - give it a go with confidence!

The first nappy and wrap of each type you order is automatically on a trial basis. You simply order the nappy/wrap of your choice as usual. Try it a few times. If you like it keep it! If you do not like the nappy/wrap simply return it (within one month of receipt of the item, in good used condition*) and you will be refunded 70% of the price of the nappy. So, for example, the cost to you of trying a Fuzzi Bunz nappy will have been £3.90 (plus p&p to return it which will be around the price of a first class stamp)!

If you are also making use of our multi buy offers and are buying 6 or 10 of a nappy type, then you could consider just using one of them. If you are not happy you can get a 70% refund on the one trial nappy and a full refund for the unused ones.

Please note we can only accept one of each type back for a 70% refund.

2. Buy a ready made trial kit

We have designed some trial kits/starter packs which include a comprehensive range of nappies, wraps, inserts, boosters, nappy nippas, fleece & paper liners etc. - in fact everything you will need to try the nappies and find out what suits you and your baby. Available in a range of sizes for babies of different ages. Kits come with full instructions on using and caring for the kit.

3. Hire a real nappy trial kit

Try a range of real nappies and wraps for a very small 'hire' charge. See below for more details.
We offer you the opportunity to try a selection of our nappies and/or wraps for two weeks. This option is designed for those who are unsure how they will get on with real nappies but want to give it a go without the commitment of buying them. Hiring a kit is also useful for those who are unsure what type of nappies will suit their needs best and would like to try a range thoroughly before they commit to buying. Parents who have hired a trial kit come out of the experience confident about what will suit their baby and what they will need and not need.

What can I try?

You can design your own nappy hire kit if you wish. Just email us the details of the nappies you are interested in hiring and we can sort that out for you. We have a dedicated experienced nappy advisor who can help you put together a nappy hire kit based on your requirements, and who will support you through the trial period if you need some advice. Alternatively you may wish to try the full kit which comprises examples of lots of different types of nappy, so you can experience a wide range of options. You can try virtually any nappy items we sell, including boosters, liners, wraps, nappy meshes and wipes.

Before we despatch the nappy hire kit our advisor will discuss with you the type of things you are looking for from your nappies (i.e. easy to put on, stay-dry or quick to dry) and will design the kit with this in mind. As a rough guide the full hire kit will contain enough nappies and accessories for you to use the nappies full time and wash every two days, though it depends on what you decide to try. The nappy hire kit will come with a fully customized instruction pack.

What if my baby doesn't arrive on time?

You can book a nappy hire kit to arrive a little before your due date. We know that babies don't always arrive when expected so we are flexible about this. The two week hire does not start until your baby is home. If your baby arrives early we will do our best to get your nappies out as soon as you notify us.

What will it cost?

There is a flat administration fee to cover the costs of laundering, disposable liners etc. and putting together personalised instructions based on your requirements (this fee is £7 for kits containing 6 or more nappies/wraps and £2 for small kits). This fee is non-returnable once the kit has been despatched. In addition there is a £1.50 charge per nappy or wrap for the two week period to cover wear and tear on the nappies. If you have heard about our nappy hire kits from others you will know that we only use nappies that are soft and in excellent condition for the trials, so that you can have a fair trial! We ask that you to arrange and pay postage back to us. The value of a full trial kit provided will be approximately £100 - £200 and we therefore ask you to pay a deposit of £70. When you return the nappies to us your deposit will be refunded, minus the administration fee (£7 or £2) and the hire costs, all of which will have been agreed with you beforehand.

BUT you can get back some or all of this cost!
After the trial, if you decide to buy some nappies from us, we will offset some of the fee you have paid against your purchases by giving you a 5% discount on your first purchase.

There may be a short delay if items of the kit are already in use, though this is not normally more than a week. The real nappy trial kit will probably not be brand new but will reach you in good, clean, hygenic condition, freshly laundered and sanitised to a high standard by our nappy hire kit advisor.

Listen to what one "nappy trialler" thought of the experience:

Please contact us if you wish to find out more about this option.

*Please note: We expect that returned nappies will have been used and washed according to instructions but not damaged. We will expect some level of wear and tear of course. However, nappies damaged beyond use may not be refunded. Refunds will be at our discretion.