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Motherease All-in-One

This popular all-in-one cloth nappy is as easy as a disposable to put on and gives a comfortable, leak proof fit. The waterproof outer is made to the same design as the Air Flow wrap, with side venting, allowing air exchange. The nappy fastens at the sides with poppers, three settings at the leg and two at the waist, to allow for adjustment as your baby grows. Gentle elastication around the legs and waist gives a stretchy, non-restictive but snug fit. The inner fabric is made from the same soft knit cotton terry as the motherease nappies. The outer waterproof fabric is polyester bonded to a durable urethane.

Because they are quick and easy to put on it is handy to have one or two all-in-one nappies for when you're out and need a quick change or when someone unfamiliar with real nappies will be changing your baby's nappies.

The Mother-ease all in one has now been discontinued but we have other great all in one nappies in our range.