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Itti Bitti D'Lish Sizing and Care Information

Washing and caring for your Itti Bitti D'Lish


Itti Bitti nappies are very trim fitting, and look so small that you may even think you have been sent the wrong size! However, when you try the nappy on you will see that looks are deceiving and it should be a great fit. Itti Bitti nappies have a low rise to fit well under clothes made for disposables, a slim crotch for comfort and freedom of movement, and are high cut at the front to ensure a good fit for all leg shapes.

Small nappies will fit approx. 7.5 - 16.4lb (3.5 - 7.5Kg). Most newborns fit smalls within the first few weeks, if not from birth. Smalls should last for around 3-9 months depending on the build of your baby, and are designed with a slightly wider crotch than the other sizes to help with containment.

Medium Itti Bitti nappies will fit approx. 14 - 26lb (6.5 - 12Kg) depending on your baby's build. Slim babies may fit for longer, depending whether you are happy with the rise. Bigger newborns may fit the mediums very early on - from as young as a few weeks - especially 9lb (4Kg) plus babies, so try your mediums on to see how they fit. Sometimes when using the medium nappies on babies below the recommended weight range, the nappy may fit around the waist, but you may get gaping around the legs. This can be an indication your baby is still a little small for the medium size. Itti Bitti are low rise nappies, so if your baby is above 20lb (9Kg), and you prefer a higher rise, you may find the large a better fit than medium.

Large nappies should fit from approx. 22 - 37lb (10 - 17Kg). Again depending on your baby's build, they may fit for longer, and stockier babies are often able to fit from around 20lb (9Kgs). Sometimes when using the large Itti Bitti nappies on babies below the recommended weight range, the nappy may fit around the waist, but you may get gaping around the legs. This can be an indication your baby is still a little small for the large size.

If you are unsure whether the Itti Bitti nappy will fit and are considering returning it, please try it on with a full protective liner first. Unworn and unused nappies may be returned or exchanged. Please also remember that the first of any nappy type you try can be returned to us used and washed for a 70% refund. So you can safely try a nappy to see if you are happy with it without much financial outlay. Please see here for details.

Please Contact Us should you have any queries about the best fit Itti Bitti for your baby.

Washing and Caring for you Itti Bitti D'Lish

To wash your nappies, we recommend dry-pailing: simply remove any solids and place the nappy into a bucket or wetbag until you have enough for a load. You can rinse your Itti Bitti nappies, then place wet in the nappy bucket if you prefer. There is no need to soak or use bleach/sanitising products, as they can irritate sensitive skins and reduce the life of the elastic in your nappies. We recommend you do a cold water rinse cycle first, then a normal cold, warm or hot cycle with half the recommended amount of detergent (half the amount recommended for heavy soiling) and no fabric softener (do not use detergents which contain fabric softener, (e.g. 2-in-1 products) as they can reduce absorbency). Should you have any stains remaining after washing, leave the nappy in the sun for a short time and the stains will be naturally bleached by the sun. Adding a cup of soda crystals to your rinse or wash can help wtih this also.

Itti Bitti D'Lish nappies can be dried in the drier or on the line or airer indoors. If line drying we recommend that you hang nappies inside out to reduce fading in the sun. Do not hang the nappies with the elastic stretched out. It is not recommended to leave the snap in soakers and boosters attached for washing/drying as there is the potential for snaps to rip out and elastic to deteriorate quicker than normal due to extra stretching from the weight of the soakers.

Fabrics have been prewashed at least once to remove excess dyes (bamboo three times to help get your nappies to maximum absorbency), however we recommend dark nappies be washed separately for the first few washes. We recommended you prewash your new nappies at least once prior to use, to remove any traces of manufacturing residues on the fleece, which occasionally, can cause wee to run straight out of the nappy. Bamboo soakers and boosters will gain maximum absorbency after 2-3 washes.

You may wish to do an occasional strip wash to move detergent residue, which can sometimes cause build up and reduce the performance of your nappies. One way to do this is to wash your nappies on 60ºC , with a cup of soda crystals, then continue to rinse until there are no more bubbles.

The suedecloth lining of Itti Bitti D'Lish nappies and other synthetic fabrics can pick up fluff, particularly from terry squares or other cotton terry nappies. If you wish to avoid this, wash terries etc separately from your coloured and synthetic fabric nappies, or use laundry bags to reduce fluffing.

To assemble nappies with snap in boosters (Snap in AIO) match the coloured snaps of the soakers up with the coloured snaps of the outer ‘shell’, old the rectangular soaker along the fold lines and slip this underneath the fleece topped soaker. Your Itti Bitti D;Lish nappy is then ready to use.

The outer ‘shell’ of the Itti Bitti Snap in AIO’s can be reused if it is not soiled, with an extra set of soakers. Simply remove the wet soakers and snap in a new set.

For further information on dry pailing or specific questions about washing nappies please email us.

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