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Itti Bitti D'lish Snap in One

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Itti Bitti D'Lish nappies are a popular and functional reusable nappy, trim fitting like a disposable and great for showing off that cloth bottom.

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Itti Bitti

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Product Description


Itti Bitti D'lish Snap in One

Itti Bitti Dlish nappy

We are delighted to have the Itti Bitti D'lish here by popular demand! It is aptly named, being ultra-trim fitting, and truly delicious in looks and feel! The nappy is a new generation all in one, sometimes referred to as an all-in-two, because the absorbent parts are attached but are completely removable for more efficient washing and to speed up drying. It's design is well thought out and it incoporates lots of great up-to-date features.

Itti Bitti D'lish snap-in-ones are one piece to put on and are perfect for showing off that cloth bottom!

Itti Bitti D'lish have a soft, minkee fabric outer shell, which is silky and plush to the touch, and is laminated inside to make it waterproof. The nappy is lined with a layer of suedecloth.

The absorbent layers, or soaker pads, popper into the nappy and come in two parts: a two-layer bamboo/organic cotton blend rectangle, which poppers into the front of the shell and folds into three to give size layers, and a further hour-glass-shaped two-layer soaker which poppers into the back of the nappy shell and has a suedecloth top layer to keep baby dry. This gives a total of eight layers of bamboo/organic cotton, which provides a good level of absorbency in the form of a very narrow pad between the legs. The two-layer soaker sits on top of the other insert, so that the stay-dry layer is next to baby.

The soaker pads (shown to the right) can be completely removed from the nappy which makes this nappy dry relatively quickly for an all in one. As an all in two, the soaker pads are completely detachable, allowing you to re-use the outer 'shell' like a wrap if it is just wet. The wet soaker set is easily replaced with a dry one, and this makes this system more economical as you won't need as many outer shells as soaker sets.

Itti Bitti Dlish nappy on baby

There is also the option of adding an extra microfibre or bamboo mini booster (left picture) to the underside of the hour-glass soaker) to increase absorbency for extra heavy wetters, or for longer periods. These snap-in boosters can be left attached through the wash. They can also be folded to the front for even more absorbency for boys and tummy sleepers.

The poppers on the soaker sets, mini-boosters and nappy shell are colour coded so it is easy to see which bits attach where and assemble the nappy!


Itti Bitti D'Lish all in two nappies are designed to be low rise/hipster style, so if baby is towards the higher end of the weight range for a size and a higher rise is preferred (often for boys due to front wetting) go for the next size up.
Small will fit from approx 7.5 - 16.4lb (3.5 - 7.5Kg)
Medium will fit from approx 14 - 26lb (6.5 - 12Kg)
Large will fit from approx 22 - 37lb (10 - 17Kg)

Please have a look here for more detailed guidance on Itti Bitti Sizing. You may also be interested to know that there is a new one-size version of the Itti Bitti nappies - the Bitti Tutto, which makes a more economical option. There is discussion here about whether to choose the one-size or sized version on bitti tutto information page.

Itti Bitti Dlish nappy features


Available in a large range of colours to suit all tastes. Please see above for Itti Bitti D'Lish colours and ordering options.

Summary information

A sumptuous, slim fitting all in one/all in two nappy.

Advantages and disadvantages of Itti Bitt D'Lish over other all in one nappies: trim, neat fit with plenty of absorbency. Silky-soft outer to keep baby nice and comfy where the outer comes into contact with the top of the legs, as well as giving the nappy a "hugable" look! Stain-resistant stay-dry layer next to baby's skin. The elastic at the waist and legs is completely covered, and there are no thick seams, which helps to keep the nappy neat fitting and comfortable. Multisized, so you will need to purchase several sizes as your baby grows. The detachable soaker pads speed up drying and allow more than one use of the shell to reduce costs. They are a little fiddlier to re-assemble after washing than an all in one with sewn in soakers or a pocket nappy, but the colour-coded poppers do mean it's still pretty simple! This nappy is not the fastest drying all in one, but is good for an all in one and for the level of absorbency provided.

What else will I need?

No liners or waterproof wraps are needed with these nappies, though you may choose to use flushable liners. The nappy comes complete with an outer shell and a soaker set, and you can purchase further soaker sets to get more than one use out of the nappy shell before washing. We recommend an additional soaker set for every shell you purchase. These nappies give good absorbency, but for very heavy wetters you may require an additional booster (Itti Bitti do a special colour-coded snap-in one in either microterry or bamboo/cotton blend. Currently only bamboo is available). This nappy may suit some babies for night time with additional pocket nappy inserts or boosters, which can be placed under the hour-glass pad.

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Wash at 40ºC (or up to 60ºC if heavily soiled) and hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat setting. Please have a look here for more extensive information on Itti Bitti care.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Itti Bitti
Condition New
Country of Manufacture Rest of World
Manufacturer Itti Bitti
Country of Manufacture Australia
Type of Nappy All in two nappy
Nappy Style Unisex
Sizing Sized
Fastening Poppers
Suitability Easy to use at Nursery etc, Handy for travel, Night and day use
Product Fabric Bamboo, Cotton, Fleece, Micro-terry
Quick drying? Standard


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