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Real nappy incentive schemes

Many local authorities encourage local residents to switch to real napies by offering a cash incentive. Each council tends to have its own way of doing things. Some incentive schemes are listed below. This list is not exhaustive due to the ever-changing list of participating councils, so if your own council is not listed please get in touch with them, usually the department that deals with waste are the people to speak to, to find out what they offer. If you know the details of any schemes not listed below please let us know so we can let others know.

Real Nappies for London (more info)

Real Nappies for london vouchers

We are an authorized retailer to redeem your Real Nappies for London vouchers. Real Nappies for London is a fantastic, London-wide scheme, to provide parents with an opportunity to try real nappies. If the London borough in which you live has joined Real Nappies for London and you have a child under the age of 18 months, you could be entitled to claim an information pack and voucher.

The following London Borough Councils have joined the scheme: Bexley, Camden, Tower Hamlets, Haringey, Hounslow, Hackney, Hammersmith & Fulham, Islington, Kensington & Chelsea, Lewisham, Newham, Redbridge, and Southwark.

The voucher can be redeemed for nappies (and related accessories) or a nappy laundry service (for a limited period) within six months of you receiving it. Please click on the link for more information on the Real Nappies for London Scheme.

Gwynedd County Council

Residents of Gwynedd can take advantage of the council's offer of a £30 voucher for real nappy purchases or of a nappy starter/trial kit sent directly to them. Residents of Gwynedd can take advantage of a local Credit Union scheme which will help with the upfront cost of real nappies. Contact us for more information about this.


Other Real Nappy Incentive Schemes:

Anglesey real nappy scheme

Residents of Anglesey can take advantage of a local Credit Union schemewhich will help with the upfront cost of real nappies. More details can be found on the website.

Bedfordshire Real Nappy Cash Back Scheme

Bedfordshire offers a real nappy cash back scheme, whereby their residents can claim £25 cash back when they spend over £50 on washable nappies or nappy laundry service.

Bracknell Forest Borough Council LONDON

Bracknell Forest Borough Council is offering a one-off payment of £30 to parents using reusable nappies or a nappy washing service. The £30 is available in two payments of £15 and must be used towards the cost of reusable nappies or a weekly nappy washing service. If your baby was born after January 2002 you can claim your money at any time. Look at Bracknell Forest Borough Council's website for details.


Bristol City Council runs a cashback scheme. Please contact the councildirectly to find out more: recycling @ (remove spacesin email).

Buckinghamshire County Council

£30 cash back. Contact Janice O'Flyn Mundy at the council forfurther information.

Camarthenshire County Council

Residents can take advantage of a free nappy trial kit. View the Camarthenshire County Council's website for details.

Cheshire County Council

Residents can claim one months free nappy laundry service or up to £25 cash back on reusable nappy purchases (half of the amount spent up to a maximum of £25). Look at Cheshire County Council's website for details.

Cumbria County Council

Cumbria Council offer incentive vouchers for pregnant mums and babies 6 months or younger in the Cumbria area. £30 (off a £45 spend) for 1 baby and £45 (off a £67.50 spend) for twins. Vouchers can redeemed with some local retailers including Babykind Agent, Hayley Savage.

The number to call to claim your voucher is 08450551118.

Derbyshire County Council and Derby City Council

Residents can claim £25 cash back on real nappies to wash at home or for the use of a laundering service (£50 minimum spend required). Look at Derbyshire County Council and Derby City Council's website for details or phone Derbyshire 08 456 058 058 for a hard copy or email

Dorset County Council Real nappy incentive scheme

Residents can apply for a £30 voucher from the county council to spend st Dorset retailers, or can buy their real nappies from any retailer of their choice, including those on the internet and then claim the cash back from the council. For details of this scheme and to download an application form see: Dorset Incentive Scheme.

Essex County Council

Sample real nappy packs are available to residents on a first come first served basis for £10 each (worth over £25) for Essex County, Southend on Sea Borough and Thurrock Council residents. Each pack will include a sample of nappies, instructions and a £10 cashback voucher to use when you purchase further reusable nappies. Look at Essex County Council website for details.

Hertfordshire (except Broxbourne)

Residents can claim back £40 cashback for the purchase of reusable nappies or for joining a nappy laundry service. Details can be found at the Hertfordshire Partnership.

Lancashire County Council

Residents of Lancashire can claim £45 towards to the cost of real nappies (£70 for two or more children). To qualify you need to be resident in Lancashire with a baby under 18 months old or be expecting a baby before the 31st March 2007. Look at Lancashire County Council's website for more details and information about where you can redeem your vouchers. We regret that we are not able to redeem Lancashire County Council real nappy vouchers.

Leeds City Council

Residents with a baby under the age of one year can claim £20 cash back after spending £50 on nappies. Have a look at the Leeds City Council Website for more information. are now doing any incentive scheme.

Leicester County Council

Leicestershire County Council have a cash back scheme giving Leicestershire residents the opportunity to receive a £30 refund when they buy¬†Real Nappies, or use a nappy laundry service. For more information and to download the cash back application form in PDF format please go to the Leicester County Council website.

Liverpool City County Council

Liverpool city council offers a cashback claim of up to £50 from the authority or a month's trial with a laundry service. If you are interested in any of the above incentives, please contact Liverpool City Council on 233 3001 or look at Liverpool City Council website.

Medway Council

Medway Council offer an incentive of up to £30. This can be taken as a discount when nappies are purchased from an authorised agent or store, or in vouchers otherwise. Families wanting to find out more about the scheme can contact the Waste Minimisation team on 01634 333333, email wasteminimisation (please use this email without spaces), look at Medway Council's website for details or contact their local Babykind agent.

Norfolk Council

Norfolk Council offer £30 discount to parents who are Norfolk residents with a child between between 0-24 months who spend over £45 or more on washable nappies, liners, wraps, or towards the cost of a nappy laundry service. Parents need to obtain a leaflet from the council and send it back completed, along with the receipt for their purchase, to receive a £30 cheque. For further details please contact: Shirley Grove-Grayling, Norfolk County Council, P & T Department, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2SG.

Northampton County Council

Residents who spend £60 or over on cloth nappies can receive £25 cash back. Apply for your cash back by filling in a form. We have the council forms that we can include with your order, so please state when ordering and we will send you a claim form. Or contact Jo Hackney Tel: 01604 237332, email: jhackney@

North Yorkshire County Council

Please see the details under York and North Yorkshire below.

Pembrokeshire Real Nappy Network

Pembrokeshire residents can claim £30 from Pembrokeshire County Council when they spend £50 or more on real nappies from any supplier, or £60 when they spend £150. There is also a Real Nappy Coordinator who can give individual advice on real nappies if required. You can email Vicky White : real.nappies@ pembrokeshire (remove gaps) or ring her on: 01437 775408. Have a look at the Pembrokeshire County Council website for further information and the application form.

Perth & Kinross Real Nappy Network ( more info)

Perth & Kinross residents can claim a £50 voucher for signing up as a member (free & no obligations) and using real nappies. There is also a trial 'hire kit' (£10 + returnable £50 deposit) that you can try at home for 3 weeks. When signing up for either of the above incentives, you are entitled to free travel for 7 days on any Stage-coach service within Perth and Kinross. There is also free cofee/tea and cake once a month. Please click here for more information.


Residents in Plymouth can borrow a free nappy trial kit for one month to enable parents to test out lots of different nappies.


Sheffield City Council offer a £10 discount when you spend £30 or more on nappies/wraps (not accessories) through a real nappy adviser in Sheffield, 1 claim per child aged under 12 months.

Order must be placed through nappy adviser, contact Nicola Basher on the Agents contact page

Trafford Council

Trafford Council offer residents a FREE month's home laundryService trial. Look at the Trafford Council website for further details.

Wakefield council (moreinfo)

Wakefield offers residents the option to buy a nappy trial kit or claim back up to £40 on real nappy purchases. Contact the council for more information. If you have a Voucher Code redeemable at BabyKind please click here for more information.

Wiltshire (Now including Swindon)

Wiltshire Council have a refund scheme for Wiltshire residents. They offer £30 back on purchases over £60 and this can also be split into two £15 claims for people making smaller purchases of £30 each. The voucher can be downloaded from the Wiltshire Wildlife's website for details.


Do use your local incentive scheme as money can be lost from budgets if not used.

We try to keep this list as current as possible. However as new incentiveschemes are constantly being launched or altered and we are unable to keep track of them all. If you have information about a real nappy incentive scheme that we have not listed please let us know. Thanks!