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Sun Lotions for all the family

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Organic Children Sun Lotion

From the Organic Children range. Organic, water-resistant, high level sun protection lotion for sensitive skin (SPF25, 150ml).

This sun lotion has been designed especially for the extra-sensitive skin of babies over 6 months and children (children below 6 months should not be exposed to the sun for more than the occasional couple of minutes). Unlike many sunscreens, it contains natural filters for both UVA and UVB (Titanium dioxide, natural Cinnamic acid and Edelweiss extract), unlike many sun lotions. It is rich in antioxidants to protect against cell damage (avocado, olive oils and edelweiss extract), and is soothing and suitable for delicate skin (aloe vera and elderflower). This water resistant formula reduces the risk of protection loss after swimming (natural bee's wax, aloe vera and purple cone flower) and is free from alcohol, artificial perfumes, petrochemicals, parabens and all other unnecessary synthetic ingredients. Suitable for vegetarians.

Available with no scent or with lavender oil to scent it.

Directions for use: as with all sun lotions, apply liberally at least half an hour before exposure to the sun to give the filter time to become active. Re-apply frequently. Always re-apply after swimming or excessive perspiration. Even when using sun lotion, remember to avoid excessive exposure to the sun, as sunburn in the early years may cause cancer in later life.

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Children's Top-to-Toe Lotion

From the Organic Children range. Gentle moisturiser for young skin (200ml)

A lovely, gentle moisturiser specially formulated for children and ideal for use as an after-sun lotion. It has a natural moisturising action (sunflower and olive oils) and is suitable for sensitive or irritated skin (aloe vera, elderflower and calendula). With herbs to heal and protect the skin (myrrh and rosemary extract) and sooth following exposure to the sun (aloe vera, calendula and lavender).

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Organic Sun Lotion for adults

From the Green People range. Organic, water-resistant, sun protection lotion for adults. Suitable for sensitive skin (SPF15, 200ml) or (SPF8 200ml).

This sun protection lotion has three layers of protection built in:

1. Natural UVA and UVB protection (Titanium dioxide, natural Cinnamic acid and Edelweiss extract),

2. Natural antioxidants to protect against cell damage (Green tea, Olive leaf, Echinacea and Edelweiss extract), and

3. Natural suntan accelerator for faster safer tan (Vitamin B2 and Tyrosine).

Natural Lip Balm SPF8

A natural lip balm which keeps your lips soft and protected

This natural lip balm conditions and protects, giving a natural sheen. It is excellent for dry, sore and chapped lips giving SPF8 UV protection. There is a choice of either ‘No Scent’ formulation - ideal for sensitive lips (very mild taste from natural plant oils used as the product base), or cool lips mint which has a cool taste of fresh mint. This natural lip balm is free from artificial perfumes, Parabens, petrochemicals, colourants, Lanolin and phthalates to bring you the purest lip salve that nature can offer.

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