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Natural and Organic Toiletries

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"Just for mums"

Natural and organic, Limited Edition Rejuvenating Body Lotion, and Limited Edition Exfoliating Shower Gel, and Limited Edition Day & Night Cream Brands: Greenpeople

Nappy Changing Creams

Natural and organic protective nappy creams and soothing salves and balms for sore bottoms and other skin irritations. Brands: Earth friendly Baby, Little Green Earthlets Magic Fairy, Green People Organic Babies.

Bathing, Hair and Body Wash

Natural and Organic Shampoo and Body Wash, Conditioner and Bubble Bath. Brands: Earth Friendly Baby, Earth Friendly Kids, Green People Organic Babies, Organic Children, and Little Green Earthlets Magic Fairy.

Skin Care and Sun Protection

Natural and Organic Baby Lotion, Body Lotion for Kids, reusable cleansing pads, Sun Protection Lotion for children and adults, Self-Tan and Tan accelerator for adults, protective Lip Balm. Brands: Earth Friendly Baby, Earth Friendly Kids, and Green People Organic Babies, Organic Children.

Specially for pregnancy, birth & breastfeeding

Mum and Baby Rescue Balm Brand: Green People Organic Children

Family Handwashing and Hygiene

Organic Deodorant for men and women, Organic Toothpaste for adults and children, cleansing sprays and soaps. Brands: Green People Organic Children, Earth Friendly Baby, Soaps by Denise.

Balms, Massage & Aromatherapy

Baby and parents' massage oils and lotions, Aromatherapy spray Magic Fairy Mist. Brand: Little Green Earthlets, Earth Friendly Baby

Gift Packs

New Baby Care gift pack, Mum and Baby Gift Pack, Earth Friendly Baby Gift Set. Brand: Green People, Earth Friendly Baby

Sun Lotions and after sun products

A variety of after sun and sun screen products – all organic of course

Organic Deodorants

Organic deoderants that a soft and gentle and yet natural and effective

Click for more information on our current range or organic toiletries

Gentle toiletries and health care products for the whole family. For further information about our natural and organic toiletry ranges for babies, older children and parents