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BabyKind Environmental Policy

This environmental policy explains how we try to minimise our impact on our environment. We endeavour to be as environmentally responsible as we can. We always bear in mind the simple principles Reduce (consumption and waste), Re-use, Recycle and Compost. We also consider the principles of sustainability.


We re-use virtually all packaging sent to us. You may find that bulky items are sent to you packaged using packaging that has been sent to us. The cardboard boxes that cannot be re-used are composted so there is almost no waste from the packaging sent to us. Our mailing sacks are made from 100% recycled plastic products.

Office materials

Invoices and other paperwork are printed on recycled paper. We re-use all usable waste paper, even if it is just to scribble notes on or for the children to use for their artwork. All waste paper is recycled. We avoid unnecessary paper consumption. For example, we only send instructions when they are required, instead of with every purchase. We use printer ink cartridges that have been re-filled whenever possible. All empty printer cartridges are recycled.


We mainly use the national postal system (Royal Mail in the UK) as far as we can as we believe this to be the most environmentally friendly option. Royal Mail rarely make special trips to deliver a single parcel, reducing unnecessary fuel consumption. We use our local rural post office to despatch the majority of our parcels.


Where possible we choose products that are produced in the UK. We import only the best from other parts of the world.