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  1. Bambinex Bamboo Nappies Sale

    Bambinex Bamboo Nappies

    Shaped, multi-sized soft bamboo terry nappy. This bamboo terry nappy is very soft, feeling just like silk against the skin. A slim and absorbent nappy with the advantages of bamboo terry fabric: natural antibacterial properties, eco-friendly fabric, stays softer than cotton or hemp in hard water areas or with repeated washing. Bambinex bamboo nappies take a relatively long time to dry

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    Regular Price: £8.50

    Special Price: £5.10

  2. Imse Vimse Organic All-in-One white

    All-in-One nappy by Imse Vimse

    The Imse Vimse all in one is a simple to use, high quality, organic all in one nappy. It is shaped to fit baby comfortably and is a one-piece nappy with an organic cotton inner and attached waterproof cover. Simple and effective!

    This is the new sizing. We still have the old style sizes available and we are selling them off quite a bit cheaper! Get a bargain here: Imse Vimse All in One Nappies Older Style

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  3. Huggles from 'Nappies by Minki Sale


    Multi-sized, super-absorbent shaped terry nappy ideal for night time. This nappy is fantastic for absorbing night-time wetness and is a highly effective night nappy. Learn More

    Regular Price: £7.95

    Special Price: £4.77

  4. Soft Blue Real Easy Sale

    Real Easy nappies

    Real Easy Cloth Nappies are a stay-dry, multi-sized all in one/pocket nappy hybrid. They are a cleverly designed quick drying nappy that really is easy! So easy you'll be able to sit back and just take it easy ... or spend more time having fun! Learn More

    Regular Price: £10.99

    Special Price: £6.59

  5. Grape Fuzzi Bunz "Perfect Size

    Fuzzi Bunz "Perfect Size" nappies

    Fuzzi Bunz is a highly popular, pocket nappy and remains one of the easiest and most reliable nappy systems we have come across. Fuzzi Bunz perfect sized are a stay-dry, multi-sized pocket nappy available in Small, Medium and Large to enable you to get a perfect fit as your baby grows. Learn More

  6. Grovia All in two - Drift

    GroVia® All in Two One size Nappy

    An all in two nappy hybrid with a choice of reusable organic cotton soaker pads or compostable bio soaker pads. We are so pleased to have the new GroVia® Hybrid all in two nappy system in stock and available for order. GroVia® is a modern, reliable, one size nappy with a unique waterproof shell into which a choice of cotton soaker pad or bio compostable pad can be fitted. If the pad is wet then simply change the pad with a fresh dry one! Learn More

  7. Bambeasy Size 0 Sale

    Bambeasy Nappies

    Size 0 or birth to potty, fleece-lined shaped bamboo terry nappy by Easy Peasy Nappies. Made to the same clever design as the Bimble and Bumble cotton terry nappies, the Bambeasy is made from the softest long-loop bamboo terry

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    Regular Price: £7.25

    Special Price: £4.35

  8. 'Nappies by Minki' - Minki pocket nappies Sale

    'Nappies by Minki' - Minki pocket nappies

    The pocket cloth nappy from nappies by minki are available in a range of gorgeous and funky patterns. These pocket nappies have a stay dry fleece inner keeping baby's bottom dry and a waterproof outer. Available in standard for a solid (good for night time fit) and slinki minki for a trimmer fit. Great for showing off!! Learn More

    Regular Price: £9.99

    Special Price: £7.99

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