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Why choose organic fibres for your baby?

Generally speaking, organic cotton products cost a little more than ordinary cotton, so why on earth would anyone want to buy them? Here are some factors that make people choose organic cotton or other fibres that can be grown without the use of chemicals, such as hemp and bamboo. Why choose organic fibres for your baby?

Kinder to your environment and the people that work to produce the cotton>

Conventional cotton production is extraordinarily heavy in the use of chemicals, using something like a quarter of the world's insecticides and at least 10% of the world's pesticides. These chemicals inevitably find their way into local water supplies and affect the balance of local eco-systems. In addition, many of the chemicals used are likely or known to be detrimental to human health. In the world's poorer regions, where much of the world's cotton is produced, cotton workers are regularly exposed to these hazardous chemicals. Organic cotton farmers are leading the way in changing this, and buying organic products will support them. For cotton to be certified as organic the land is allowed to 'de-toxify' and farmers turn to sustainable eco-friendly agricultural practices.

Better quality fabric

The chemicals used to grow conventional cotton weaken the fibres. This means, that cotton grown without the use of chemicals produces a superior quality garment. Organic cloth will wear, wash and dry well, making clothes or nappies last and last!

Kinder to your baby

Organic cotton is wonderfully soft and chemical free. Perfect against baby's delicate, absorbent skin whether in clothing or nappies.

By choosing organically produced cotton or other eco-friendly crops such as hemp or bamboo, you are making a positive choice to support organic agricultural practices, as well as getting a better quality garment ideally suited to baby's sensitive skin.

Organic and other eco-friendly fibre products stocked at BabyKind

We offer a range of options for those who want to 'go organic':

'Organic' Nappies

We offer the entire range of Imse Vimse products in which all the cotton used is certified as organic. You can choose from the one-size nappies with an organic cotton-covered nappy wrap or an organic cotton all in one nappy.

Swaddlebees Organic Cotton Velour Newborn nappies are made from a plush organic cotton velour fabric. Choose from either a trim-fitting three sizes to potty design

Mother-ease one-size organic - made from organic cotton terry.

Mother-ease Sandy's organic nappies - made from organic cotton terry.

We also stock Bamboozles nappies from Tots Bots, made from Bamboo fibre, a very eco-friendly crop.

If you prefer pocket nappies you can choose inserts made from bamboo fibre, including the 'SuperBamboo' or any other pocket nappy inserts.


We stock a range of organic, ethically produced baby clothing: Organic Baby Clothing