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About the Cut4Cloth or Frugi Organic Baby Clothes Range

A gorgeous, practical, up to date range of organic baby clothes designed for cloth bottoms and produced to high environmental and ethical standards. What's more the prices are comparable to the high street prices for ordinary clothes!

The Cut4Cloth organic baby clothes range gives a more generous width and rise in the bottom area to accommodate a little more padding. Whether your baby is wearing cloth nappies or not there is more "room to wriggle". They are soft, stretchy and comfortable, allowing greater freedom of movement. They look so much more comfy than some of the branded high street clothes, which seem to be designed for mini-adults with small bottoms! Even with slim-fitting cloth nappies, having a little more room to allow free leg movement makes baby clothes look so much more comfortable and, because the clothing does not press against the nappy, there is less chance of getting leaks through 'wicking' (wicking refers to moisture being drawn up into the clothing like a candle wick draws up wax).

  • Made from 100% soft organic cotton. Certified organic by AGRECO
  • Tailored to accommodate cloth nappies with plenty of "room to wriggle"
  • Beautiful, bright and fun designs
  • Dyed with environmentally responsible dyes
  • Ethically manufactured
  • Made using nickel-free poppers

Click for more information on why people choose organic and other eco-friendly fibres for their baby.

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