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How many BumGenius V4 will I need?

How many bumGenius nappies you will need depends on the age of your baby, how often you intend to wash and how you will dry your nappies and inserts.

Newborns may need to be changed up to 10 times a day, though as baby gets a little older this will reduce to 6-8 times per day, whilst a toddler may only need 4-5 changes a day.

Because the turnaround time is so short you will not need as many nappies as you would for a slower-drying system. BumGenius can be washed with other items at 40ºC (or up to 60ºC if required) and hang to dry very quickly, so it is possible to wash the nappies regularly and hang them in a warm place to dry ready for the next day. However, we recommend you have enough nappies to do a 'just nappies' wash every two-three days. This would mean having around 18 nappies as a minimum number.

Although the shell/pocket part of the nappy dries incredibly quickly with pocket nappies like bumGenius, the inserts take longer. You could either tumble dry the inserts or ensure you hang to dry in a good place for drying to turn them around quickly. It can be helpful to have some extra inserts so that you can allow a little more drying time for the inserts.

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