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Blueberry Pocket Nappies

Blueberry, over the years have sold and have been selling thousands of cloth nappies, and they have a wide experience in making real cloth nappies. Up until recently Blueberry nappies were made under 2 brand names - Blueberry and Swaddlebees, now all products are branded Blueberry nappies.

Blueberry nappies as much as possible source their material from the USA and make sure that their nappies are made 100% safe for babies. They ensure that their nappies are manufactured without any possible contaminants that may prove harmful to infants and that their quality is consistently high. Latex free elastics are used extensively on Blueberry cloth nappies and on all nappy products. This ensures that the possibility of babies getting any reaction from sensitivity to latex is greatly reduced.

Blueberry have a large range of nappies and many of them are pocket cloth nappies.

Blueberry Minky One Size nappies

Blueberry one-size minky pocket nappies are made from a layer of the plushest minky fabric which is soft and silky to the touch and remains supersoft even after washing and drying. The inner layer is made with top grade fleece which dries quickly and acts as a stay-dry layer babies next to the skin. These layers form a pocket into which an absorbent insert is placed to soak up the wetness. These blueberry pockets nappies fasten at the ont with colour-coordinated poppers and are difficult for toddlers to pull off. Check out and order Blueberry One Size minky pocket nappies.

Blueberry One Size Bamboo Deluxe

The Blueberry one size bamboo deluxe pocket nappy is made with silky bamboo velour which has a lovely soft feel and washes and wears well. Bamboo is a green crop to grow with no need for pesticides and a very short growth cycle and is great for nappies as it has good absorption and antibacterial properties. Blueberry Bamboo pocket nappies it most babies from birth to potty training. They fasten at the front with two rows of poppers, and are adjustable enabling you to get a good fit as your baby grows. Click to find out more and order Blueberry One Size Bamboo Deluxe

Blueberry Econappi (previously known as Swaddlebees Econappi)

The Blueberry Econappi has an inner layer of organic cotton velour which is very soft and gives the option of having a natural organic fabric next to baby's skin and an outer layer of soft stretchy, waterproof laminated polyester (PUL). These layers form a pocket with an opening at the back into which the absorbent pocket nappy inserts are placed. Econappis are supplied with their own organic cotton velour (for quick absorption) one-size insert which is also made from a top layer of and layers of hemp (for good, trim absorbency). The insert can be opened out for efficient laundering and very quick drying for a natural fabric insert. Click to find out more and order the Blueberry Econappi.

Blueberry One Size Deluxe

The Blueberry One Size Deluxe cloth nappy is adjustable in both size and absorbency. You can increase the inserts and hence the absorbency so that it might last through a car journey or the night, or you can decrease the absorbency if you need a slim, lightweight nappy. The pocket nappy has an inner layer of high quality microfleece that keeps baby’s bottom dry and an outer layer of laminated polyester knit to keeps wetness in. Click here to find out more and order the Blueberry One size deluxe pocket nappy.

Blueberrry Basix nappies

The Blueberry Basix pocket nappy is a great design that combines the convenience of an all-in-one nappy while providing the absorbency adjustability of a pocket nappy. This pocket nappy has a layer of microfleece to keep baby's skin dry, 3 sewn in layers of high quality microfiber terry and a waterproof outer layer of laminated waterproof fabric. The fleece and outer waterproof layer form a pocket which has openings on both ends that allows you to increase the nappy's absorbency by adding extra inserts. Click to find out more and order the Blueberry Basix Pocket nappy.m