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Bibs and Bandana Bibs

DryBib Classic and Bandana bibs

We couldn't resist offering these bibs to you as they are the softest and most comfortable bibs we have come across! Ideal for babies that dribble a lot, for during teething, or who 'spit up' some milk after feeding, these bibs will help to keep your baby's clothing dry without the use of an uncomfortable waterproof layer, and helps to protect against dribble rash. The unique combination of cotton and fleece means that the outer cotton layer absorbs wetness whilst the fleece under-layer acts as a barrier, preventing the clothing from becoming wet. The 'tunnel' fleece disperses the wetness, creates airflow and allows moisture to evaporate so the bib dries quickly.

These bibs are certainly baby-kind, but how are these bibs eco-friendly you might ask? Well ask any mum who has a dribbling baby about the washing created by changing baby's clothing several times a day! Here's what one mum said about these bibs: "I have found the dry bibs fantastic, both the classic and the bandana are perfect length to catch all that teething dribble, and not having to change my little ones top numerous times a day is such a relief!" Ruth and baby Joseph.

Here is what another mum said: "Oh my goodness me. With regard to the bandana bibs that I recently received from yourselves I have only one regret and that is I WISH ID HEARD ABOUT THEM SOONER. They are without doubt the most fantastic item I have ever bought for my children. They are so trendy and make my little boys outfits look super fab instead of ruining them like the usual plastic backed bibs Ive been using - he's a constant dribbler you see! Not only that but I dont have to change the bib every hour or so, it lasts all day somehow - its magic. I love love love them. They are fantastic and whoever designed them deserves a medal." Maria, baby & bump.

And finally, at the risk of boring you, another customer said "I would like to leave feedback on the dry bibs I purchased recently. They truly are a very good way of keeping my boy's chest dry. He was constantly dribbling and I was changing his tops about 4 times a day. I would recommend them to anyone who has a child who dribbles. I also like the designs. Brilliant!" Chrissy.

Practical yet attractive, these bibs were designed by a mother who needed a bib to catch dribbles but who didn't want to cover up beautiful clothes. There are three different designs available, the Bandana Bib and the DryBib Classic and long feeding 'Messy' bibs. These bibs are also available in larger sizes for children with special needs. Please click here for more information on larger size bandana bibs.

Drybib Bandanas by HipHipbaby

These bibs are designed to have a 'kerchief' or scarf look to complement your child's outfit, and come in a range of eye-catching, cool or cute designs. All bibs are backed with a thin layer of fleece in a complementary colour to the cotton fabric design. Quick drying and comfy for your baby, these are ideal for those teething months for everyday wear or for something special.

We have a huge range of bandana bibs available, please click through for more information and to buy bandana bibs.

DryBib Classic bibs

A very little bib designed to catch dribbles or feeding reflux, but not cover up clothing. Gives a close but comfy fit round the neck with a 9cm drop from under the neck. Available in a large range of attractive designs with a thin complementary fleece layer on the back. No PVC or plastic with nickel free poppers.

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DryBib 'Messy' Bibs

An extra long bib suitable for protecting and keeping clothes dry when feeding or other sticky situations.OK, this bib does actually looks like a bib! It gives a close but comfy fit at the neck, and at approximately 30cm drop from under the chin gives fantastic coverage of clothing for the weaning baby or toddler. Again this design has the cotton top layer for efficient absorption of spills and the Bipi Stuff fleece which prevents clothing getting wet and allows quick drying without the need for a stiff waterproof coating. Available in cotton colours and pattern with a complimentary fleece backing. No PVC or plastic with nickel free poppers. NOW only availbale in extra large style!

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DryBib Bandana bibs for older children, young people and adults who dribble

Comfortable and cool 'stay-dry' scarf to fit older children and adults. Because these bibs look more like a sylish clothing accessory than a dribble bib they are idea for older children and adults who dribble or who spill food. The unique "dry" design keeps clothing dry, thus helping to prevent saliva rash.

There are 2 sizes of these larger bandanas - Large Size bibs will comfortably fit from approximately 5 years of age up to adult with a 15" collar size. For adults the Extra Large size will be more appropriate.

Available in red, navy blue, cream and grey. The outer cotton layer absorbs wetness. The underneath layer is made from fleece which acts as a barrier, preventing the clothing from becoming wet. The 'tunnel' fleece disperses the wetness, creates airflow and allows moisture to evaporate so the bib dries quickly.

DryBib Bandana Bibs for people with special needs do not contain any plastic or PVC. They fasten behind the neck with firm nickel free poppers. They are soft and comfortable enough to be worn all day.

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