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Bedwetting Pants

Many children take a lot longer to be dry at night than they do to potty train in the day, with a significant proportion of children still wetting the bed at night years after they were competently using the toilet during the daytime. This is not something to be worried about and is completely normal. However, although normal, bed wetting can be problematic for families due to the night time disturbances caused and the sheer volume of laundry cased by one wee. Parent may also find that the child may be upset or embarrassed by the situation. Of course disposable pull up pants are available on the market, but as well as being environmentally un-friendly, they tend to look like nappies, which might not be desirable for some families. We have a selection of pull-ups suitable for night wetters, and those that fit older children have a super-hero theme, making them more fun and less 'nappy-like' for older kids. Have at look at our range of night time underwear. Summary page for bedwetting pants.

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