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Night-Wetter Pants

Many children take much longer to be dry at night than they do to potty train in the day, with a significant proportion of children still wetting the bed at night years after they were competently using the toilet during the daytime. This is quite normal and not usually something to be concerned about. However, although normal, bed wetting can be problematic for families due to the night time disturbances caused, the sheer volume of laundry cased by one wee, and the child may be upset or embarrassed by the situation too. There are of course disposable pull up pants on the market, but as well as being environmentally un-friendly, they tend to look like nappies, which might not be desirable for some families. We have a selection of pull-ups suitable for night wetters, and those that fit older children have a super-hero theme, making them more fun and less 'nappy-like' for older kids. Have at look at our range of night time underwear:

Super Undies Night Time Pants

Absorbent night time pants for toddlers and older children. From £22.99

Comfy night time underwear designed to help your child wake up with dry sheets. Super Undies Night Time pants are suitable for children who wet the bed ages 2-12 yrs old and the super-hero theme helps to make them more fun. They offer you a useful tool in reducing your washing load and reduced night time sleep disturbance. For your child they are attractively colour-themed, and don't look like a nappy or disposable pull up pant, making them more acceptable and enabling your child to retain their dignity. With nine layers of cotton absorbency built in Super Undies Night Time Pants can usually handle most levels of wetters. Superundies nighttime undies (Size Large) absorb and hold 340 ml of pure water, this is without the addition of step-up inserts or soaker pads.

What about heavy wetters?

For children that wet very heavily at night and you find they are soaking the Super Undies Night Pants you can easily increase the absorbency using Super Undies Step-up inserts to increase absorbency (you can also use any nappy insert, a wash cloth folded in half or thirds, or whatever it takes to add more absorbency in there!).

Super Undies Night Time Underwear have fleece-covered elastic at the legs and waist for a comfortable but leak resistant fit. They were designed by a mum passionate about creating the best night time underwear. Here's what she said: "I personally have a bed wetter. He is 5 years old and wets a lot at night. We have outrageous success with these, he is able to put them on and take them off by himself, and he feels a lot better about himself in the morning The guilt is gone that he used to feel about my laundry load, and he does not feel like he is in a 'diaper'."


Super Undies Night Pants currently come in five sizes to suit children aged between 2 - 12 years old:

Nighttime Underwear
Typical Age
2 - 3 yrs
2 - 5 yrs
4 - 7 yrs
Extra Large
6 - 9 yrs
9 - 12 yrs

Super Undies "Step up" Inserts

Step up the absorbency with Super Undies Step-up Inserts! These two layered microterry inserts are designed to let you choose your level of absorption your child experiences. Two Step-up Inserts offers full protection (great for naptimes), and you can gradually reduce the absorbency level if you wish.

Motherease Bedwetter Pants

Absorbent pants/nappy for older toddlers and children. From £20.95

These absorbent pull-up pants are designed for older toddlers and young children (up to 7 years of age, depending on the child's build) to wear at night. They can be pulled up and down by the child so that they can go to the toilet by themselves if they wake in the night, but are absorbent enough to contain quite big night-time 'accidents'. A useful aid for the child who knows they are too old for nappies but can't quite make it through the night. These pants are a good choice during the transition between nappies and no nappies at night and can reliably hold as much liquid as a fairly absorbent night nappy.

These pants seem quite expensive, but this should be weighed against the benefits of reducing nocturnal disturbances for everyone to change clothes and bedding and cutting down on washing bed linen. They are suited to help during the transition from nappies at night, allowing the child independence to go to the toilet by themselves if they do wake up in time. They will also save considerable money compared with disposable pull-ups. Most children are only wet at night, so these pants can be rinsed and washed with everyday washing, meaning that you will probably only need two-three pairs. These pants have a high re-sale value if gently used.

Soft and comfortable, these pants are made from 100% polyester waterproof outer layer and cotten terry inner, with an extra three layer cotton soaker flap stitched in but that pulls out to aid cleaning and speed up drying. Turn the pants completely inside out for quicker drying. Absorbency approximately 600ml. Machine wash and tumble dry.


Available in white in three sizes:

Extra small: 30lb - 40lb (13.6Kg - 18.2Kg) (approx. 2.5 years - 4 years)

Small 40lb - 55lb (18.2Kg - 25Kg)

Medium 55lb - 65lb (25Kg - 29.5Kg)

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*We are very sorry but the manufacturer of Mother-ease nappies prohibits us to sell them outside the UK. We can however offer Super-Undies outside the UK*