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Summary of Bedtime Accessories

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Nature's Nest Baby Bed

Clever yet simple baby bed and travel cot in one, suitable from birth to 1 year. As parents who, with a sleeping baby, have paced darkened rooms for hours, night after night, only to find baby wakes the minute we stopped, this is truly one of those "I wish we'd known about these when our children were small" products. Designed to create a womb-like environment for babies, to help them to sleep easily and peacefully in the first months and year.

The designer of these "baby hammocks" came up with the idea when trying to cope with a colicky baby. Natures Nest is the only baby bed designed to replicate baby's sensations in the womb. The bed cradles the baby in a three-quarter lying position, like the position adopted by babies throughout most of their time in the womb, and like the postion that you cradle baby in when holding her. It provides a snug and secure environment, with gentle vertical bouce and a swinging motion, that will give the sensation of floating and, we imagine, simulate the sensations felt by baby in the womb as the mother moves about.

As your baby moves, the bed will move with him, soothing him and often lulling him back to sleep. The motion might be expected to soothe baby when he is uncomfortable and reduce unnecessary night time waking. The Natures Nest will fit into the smallest rooms. It can be next to your bed and hangs just below bed height to enable you to see your baby and your baby to see you!

Once in the Natures Nest, it is virtually impossible for your baby to turn onto her tummy, so baby is kept in the recommended sleeping position, on her back. Natures Nest provides an opportunity for your baby to have a more gentle transition from the womb to the outside world, before being expected to sleep in a conventional, flat and static bed.

Nature's Nest is easily portable and comes with its own travel bag. The cots weigh just 10Kg (22lb) and are easy to assemble. Baby sleeping in her own familiar bed rather than in an unfamiliar travel cot is likely to make for a more peaceful visit away!

The Poco Baby Hammock meets relevant safety standards in the EU and USA. Click here for more information provided by the manufaturer. These baby hammocks can be found in hospital neonatal units, nurseries and other places where a soothing environment for even very fragile babies is helpful.

Recommended age range: newborn to 12 months.
Weight Recommendations: up to 29lbs. To use the Nature's nest for heavier babies you can buy a a heavier duty spring for babies up to 40lb. If your baby is older than newborn he will still enjoy the soothing sleep environment of Nature's Nest.

Each Natures Nest is supplied complete with frame, spring, mattress, mattress cover and travel cot carrier bag. Size Once Assembled:
Weight: 10.5 Kg / 23 lb
Height: 60 inch / 152 cm
Depth - 38 inch / 97 cm
Width - 27.5 inch / 67 cm

If you wish you can also purchase fitted, unbleached cotton sheets for the baby bed, or standard pram sheets will fit. You can also purchase a mosquito net, a "Snuggler" to keep small babies centred in the nest and a "Jump Jump" baby bouncer which fixes to the Nature's Nest frame, suitable from when baby can hold herself upright.

Click here to purchase: Natures Nest

Magic Blackout Blind

Brilliantly innovative way to blackout the sunlight from any room and allow everyone to get a good nights sleep!

The Magic Blackout blind is an exciting new product from the Magic Whiteboard Company as seen on Dragons Den.

It is an easy to use blackout sheet that can be torn off a roll, cut to size and stuck (uses static only) to any window or glass to black out the light. It is fantastic for blocking our early evening and early morning sunlights from children's and babies room helping everyone sleep better. It also has a huge amount of further uses and because its lightweight, portable and can peel off again easily without leaving marks it can be taken anywhere and is completely versatile.

To read more and order: the Magic Blackout Blind.

Organic cotton jersey baby blanket

A soft, organic cotton baby blanket with many uses.

Lovely, to wrap around your baby, use in the pram and cot or as a nursing blanket, this blanket is a good size with a choice of the attractive Farm or Zoo print on one side and natural white on the other. A wonderful gift for a new baby.

Made with 100% environmentally-approved cotton. Size 80x100cm (approx. 31x39inches). Wash at 60-90°C or lower if lightly soiled.

Click for further info on Imse Vimse Organic blankets

Cozyosko Blankies

Baby blanket from Cozyosko - a soft, colourful fleece baby blanket with many uses. Brighten up your children's surroundings with Cozyosko happy and colourful Buggy Blanket. Buggy Blankets are crafted for warmth and practicality, using two layers of anti-pill polar fleece. Sized approximately 75 x 63 cm, they are large enough to be used for as long as a child is sitting in the pram or buggy, but small enough to not be dragging on the ground and catching in the wheels. They can also be used in the car seat, on the change table, or as an eye-catching wall hanging to jazz up their room. Fleece products last extremely well and go on and on.... Machine washable at 40ºC.

Frugi Organic Cotton baby blanket

Multi-purpose blanket made from softest organic cotton jersey and sherpa. This attractive Safari print blanket is so soft and snuggly it has to be felt to be believed! Made with a quality jersey on one side and a gorgeously soft sherpa cotton on the other. Perfect as a receiving blanket for a newborn baby but the size is generous enough for it to be used as a playmat or buggy blanket too. Surround your baby in organic softness! Size: 90cm x 90cm. Available in natural organic cotton with a unisex Safari print. Makes a luxurious but practical gift for a new baby. Order Frugi Organic Cotton blankets

Natural lambskin fleece

Quality, machine washable sleeping fleece. We discovered lambskin fleeces quite late on when our second child was still co-sleeping. We found that his lambskin helped him move to more independent sleeping. These make a lovely gift for a new baby or new sleep-deprived parents!

These lambskins are of the best quality, specially prepared for infant use. The natural properties of lamb fleece reconcile temperature differences, keeping baby cool in summer and warm in winter. Being soft and warm to the touch lambskin is comforting for the baby, perhaps helping baby to relax and sleep peacefully. Lambskin allows the skin to 'breathe' and is naturally bacteriacidal and dirt repellent. Made in Germany.

Our lambskins are available shorn to a depth of about 3cm. They are a generously sized at approx. 85cm long by 50cm wide in the middle. They can be adapted for the push chair, moses basket, crib etc. For maximum convenience they are machine washable (with the appropriate shampoo and can be tumble dried. Available in natural colour only (lambskins are a creamier colour rather than the yellow appearance in the picture below).

Order baby lambskins and shampoo

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