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All in Two Nappies

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All in one-s are shaped-to-fit nappies with attached waterproof covers. Only one layer to put on and launder. All in Two's have detachable covers.

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  1. Hot Pink Charlie Banana sized nappy Sale

    Charlie Banana "2-in-1" sized nappies

    We are really pleased to have the new Charlie Banana™ 2 in 1 nappy system at BabyKind, designed to give you more options for your nappying. For everyday use they are a reliable reusable pocket nappy system. Charlie Banana Szied nappies come in different sizes so you can tailor the nappy to suit your baby. Charlie Banana™ sized nappies are made up of a pocket or "shell" and at times when you need more convenience they can be used with disposable inserts. The fleece lining is soft, comfy and stay dry against baby's skin. Learn More

    Regular Price: £12.99

    Special Price: £4.55

  2. GroVia Booster (2-pack)

    GroVia® Boosters 2 Pack

    Simply lay a GroVia® organic cotton or stay dry (fleece topped) booster on top of your Soaker Pad to keep your baby’s skin feeling dry and to add extra absorbency. Perfect for naps and night time. 2 per pack. Learn More

  3. GroVia® BioSoaker Pads

    GroVia® BioSoaker Pads

    GroVia® BioSoaker® pads are a brilliant eco-friendly innovation for cloth nappying while out and about or tavelling. They make it easier and less messy while on holidays, at day care or just on quick trips out and about.

    Learn More

  4. GroVia® Soaker Pads (Pack of 2)

    GroVia® Soaker Pads (Pack of 2)

    GroVia® Organic/stay dry soaker pads - designed for use in GroVia® nappy outers. Fantastically absorbent soakers, quick to dry and effective with option for certified organic cotton or stay dry. Learn More

  5. Grovia All in two - Drift

    GroVia® All in Two One size Nappy

    An all in two nappy hybrid with a choice of reusable organic cotton soaker pads or compostable bio soaker pads. We are so pleased to have the new GroVia® Hybrid all in two nappy system in stock and available for order. GroVia® is a modern, reliable, one size nappy with a unique waterproof shell into which a choice of cotton soaker pad or bio compostable pad can be fitted. If the pad is wet then simply change the pad with a fresh dry one! Learn More

  6. Close Parent (Dream Dri & Bamboo)

    Close Parent (Dream Dri & Bamboo)

    The Pop-In from Close Parent (Dream Dri & Bamboo) Orginal version,.


    Please note, we currently only have the outer shells in stock. If you require an insert we recommend the GAD, one size microterry insert, which is a sit in rather than pop in. Available to order below..

    Learn More

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